It was as far back as in 1978 that Dr. K.S. Shadaksharappa said – “It is high time we should conduct our meetings” under our own roof. This fore thought of his and his nature of pursuance enabled us to have our own building called “API Bhavana”.

The efforts started in 1978 to get a site allotted to API – Karnataka Chapter. In April, 1998 a Building Sub Committee was formed with all powers to manage the affairs of the building, with Dr. K.S.Shadaksharappa as Chairman, Dr. M. Maiya as the Executive Chairman & Dr. H. S. Hande as Secretary and Treasurer and Dr. T.B. Basavarajendra, Dr. B. M. Jayaram, Dr. C.N. Manjunath, Dr. K.C. Rajureddy, Dr. S.M. Sureswaraiah, Dr. S.V.Narayanaswamy and Dr. P. Chandrasekhara as its members. Dr. M. Maiya took over as the Chairman of the Building Committee after the sad demise of Dr. K.S. Shadaksharappa.

On 10.4.2002 the foundation stone was laid by the most appropriate person – Dr. K. S. Shadaksharappa in presence of Sri. H.D. Devegowda, former Prime Minister of India. On that occasion, Dr. K.S. Shadaksharappa said- “At last the Day has come – I am happy”. All those who were present could not miss to see the tears of joy rolling down over the sunken cheeks of Dr. K.S.Shadaksharappa and appreciated the dedication of “Bhishma Pithamaha” towards A.P.I. It was fortunate that he lived to lay the foundation stone, but it is unfortunate that we missed him for the inauguration of the building, but he had seen the building completed.

On 22.8.2003 the A.P.I. Bhavana was inaugurated by Sri S.M. Krishna, the then Chief Minister and the Auditorium, appropriately named after Dr. K.S. Shadaksharappa was inaugurated by Dr. Malakaraddy, the then Minister for Medical Education.